Efficient and Safe Feed Additive to Kill Insects —Eucalyptus Oil


Eucalyptus oil (Eucabiotics) is a new type of green, efficient and safe plant-derived feed additive. It is a kind of volatile oil which is extracted from the natural Australian wild plant, and is a new type of bacterial and worm double resistance animal health protect feed additive. The main active substance is 1,8-cineole, which has the effect of sterilization and deworming, and the secondary components including α-pinene, β-pinene, water content, α-pine Alcohol, citronellal, citronellol, para-cymene and other substances are also strengthening the overall antibacterial and deworming effect.

1. The action mechanism of eucalyptus oil

(1) Eucalyptus oil can directly act on the cell membrane of coccidial spores, destroying the integrity of the cell membrane and changing the permeability of the cell membrane, causing large amount of nutrients in the membrane ooze out, and lead to the hindering absorption pathway of nutrients on the membrane, and the coccidia die due to lack of nutrition.

(2) Improve bacterial cell membrane structure. Eucalyptus oil contains a variety of phenolic substances, and its hydrophobic component can directly act on the cell membrane and accumulate on the bacterial bimolecular lipid membrane, occupying the space between fatty acid chains. This interaction causes a change in the conformation of the bacterial cell membrane structure, leading to liquefaction and expansion of the cell membrane, a loss of membrane stability, enhanced permeability, and exudation of important intracellular ions and contents, ultimately leading to bacterial cell death.

(3) Studies have shown that aldehydes in eucalyptus oils may interact with bacterial DNA and proteins through cross-linking or alkylation, causing them to be inactivated.

(4) Terpenes in eucalyptus oils play its role mainly by inhibiting the activity of respiratory enzymes on the bacterial cell membrane, resulting in local H+ concentration gradient and loss of electrochemical potential, thus achieve antibacterial efficacy.

(5) Eucalyptus oil can inhibit the synthesis of cyclooxygenase in poultry, thereby preventing the release of inflammatory mediators, exhibiting anti-inflammatory properties, inhibiting the formation and secretion of mucus, and protecting The tracheal tissue cells ensure the smooth flow of the trachea.

2. The characteristics of eucalyptus essential oil

(1) The main effective components: 1, 8 ~ eucalyptus brain (85% or more), alpha terpene, beta ~ decene, water aldehyde, carvone, terpineol, etc.; Eucabiotics (5% eucalyptus oil) white or off-white powder (80~100 mesh), with some camphor smell, with a cool taste.

(2) 1, 8 eucalyptus brain chemical structure is saturated (no carbon-carbon double bond), with high stability, Eucabiotics slightly volatile.

(3) Natural extraction, green, safe and has high biological activity on pests and diseases. It is not easy to produce drug resistance, and has strong antibacterial activity, very low toxicity to humans and animals LD50>5.0g/kg (toxicology based on GRAS FEMA 2466.), will not cause secondary pollution and other advantages.

(4) ISO 3065: 2011 certification US FDA -GRAS certified food additives, European food, feed additives.

3. The role of eucalyptus oil

(1) In livestock, poultry, aquatic, eucalyptus oil can kill insects inside and expelling parasite outside, and has special effects on Eimeria; reduce the drug resistance and residues caused by long-term use of coccidial drugs, and ensure the safety of livestock and poultry.

(2) Explosion of parasitic intestinal worms.

(3) Sterilization and inhibition. It has strong antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus, pneumococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and Shigella bacillus. Eucalyptus oil can be combined with various antibiotics and is a synergist of antibiotics.

(4) Anti-mycoplasma infection, and can effectively alleviate the stress of poultry vaccine, improve antibody levels, and enhance the protection rate of vaccines.

(5) Anti-oxidation and improve immunity.

4. The clinical application effect of eucalyptus oil

(1) By killing insects, inhibiting bacteria and sterilizing, eucalyptus oil can control the reduction of diarrhea rate in poultry, improve the health of the intestines, and reduce the mortality rate by 15~20% duing to coccidiosis infection.

(2) Control respiratory disease by improving the respiratory mucosal immune system.

(3) Significantly increase the daily gain and average daily feed intake of meat and poultry, reduce the ratio of feed to meat by 0.05, and improve economic benefits.