RUNEON is New Type Feed Additive

Broiler--Reduce Feed Cost

  • Description:
  • Functions:

    1. Lower feed cost, ME could be reduced by 20-50 kcal.

    2. Improve the growth performance, FCR could be improved 5%-10% and the housing time could be shortened 1-2 days with same body weight.

    3. Improve slaughter performance, carcass rate could be improved by 0.8-1.5%.

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As broiler grow fast with only 42 days breeding time, there are high request for the nutrition in diet. As the high energy feed material, fat has been widely added in feed to provide enough energy. However , according the result of Logistic Equation, the breeding broiler with undeveloped liver function, which bring insufficient secretion of endogenous bile acids, then not only affects the utilization of fat in diet , waste energy but also results in fatty liver syndrome and damage body health. So it’s necessary to add exogenous bile acids in poultry feed to improve fat utilization, promote growth performance and immune ability. 

Application of RUNEON in poultry feed  

1. Project A: Save feed cost reduce feed cost .  

Adding  bile acids ,the utilization of fat can be improved 15%-20%.

  Oil dosage in diet
1% 2% 3% >4%
Dosage of RUNEON(g) 200 250 300 450
Replacement of oil (kg) 2—3 3—4 4—5 6—8


2. Project B: Growth performance

Slaughter performance after adding Runeon in broiler diet 

Group Dressing carcass percentage(%) Semi-eviscerated rate(%) Abdominal fat rate(%)
Control 90.63  85.31  2.89 
T 1 92.10  87.69  2.60 
T 2 92.32  88.12  2.51 
T 3 92.03  87.63  2.59 

Experiment shows that after adding Runeon, abdominal fat rate reduced 0.38%.


Production performance after adding Runeon in layer diet 

Group Egg number rate(%) Egg broken rate(%) Egg weight(g) Feed egg rate
Control group 86.34 2.75 60.97 2.4
Test group 81.12 1.55 62.24 2.32

Experiment shows that after adding Runeon, egg number rate reduced 5.22%, egg broken rate reduced 1.2%.




500 g/ton feed 

1 kg/bag. 

  18 months 

Stored in shaded dry, cool place with good ventilation.