LACHANCE Visit Eucalyptus Oil Extraction Base in Melbourne, Australia


At the beginning of December 2017, Sun Zhiliang, Marketing Director of Longchang Animal Health Group and Gao Maosheng, Sales Manager of Northern Region went to visit Eucalyptus Oil Extraction Base in Melbourne, Australia to insure the quality of Longchang's new product Eucabiotics from the source.

Mr Sun and Mr Mike (Farm Manager) in wild eucalyptus forest

Mr Gao comparing different Eucalyptus leaves carefully


Victoria eucalyptus unique advantages:

Australia's unique climate, soil conditions give Australia eucalyptus unique growth environment. Due to the low ambient humidity, the water content of eucalyptus leaves is also relatively low, but the oil content of leaves is greatly increased, and the eucalyptol and other active components in the extracted eucalyptus oil are much higher than the oil extracted in other regions. In addition, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus as an unique eucalyptus species grown only in Victoria, unlike the tall arborous eucalyptus tree, can fully absorb the nutrients in the soil and grow much better. Their extracted Eucalyptus essential oil has a more powerful functions in killing microbes, animal parasites inside and outside (especially Eimeria spp.) and improving animal immune functions.

Mr Sun and Dr Rebecca in The University of Melbourne

After the eucalyptus farm inspection, Mr. Sun Zhiliang then went to Melbourne University and had a meeting with Dr. Rebecca regarding the application prospects and effects of eucalyptus oil as a feed additive on farm animals. The discussion concluded that the overall effect of plant essential oils is superior to each of its constituent substances because natural essential oils have a multi-component and come into play with a multi-target synergistic integration mechanism. Studies have shown that different essential oil components have synergistic effect, mainly because of its multi-target effect. Essential oils and other botanical extracts exert synergistic effects on multiple channels and targets through the many components they contain, and to a certain extent, the overall effect shows a superior therapeutic effect over single-component, single-target chemical compounds. For example, the main active substance of eucalyptus essential oil is 1,8-cineole, with the effect of antibacterial, antivirus and killing parasites. Studies have shown that eucalyptus essential oil has better effects than a single 1,8-cineole, because secondary components in eucalyptus essential oil such as phellandrene, limonene, thymol, p-cymene and other substances also strengthen the overall antibacterial and parasite-killing functions.

Mr Sun,Dr Rebecca discuss the mechaism of action of Eucalyptus Oil


As a new plant extract feed additive developed by Longchang Group in recent years, Eucabiotics has responded to the call of the government for green additives and non-resistance breeding methods. Eucalyptus essential oil is one of the most widely used natural oils in the world. Eucalyptus essential oil components are readily biodegradable, non-chemically reactive and relatively non-toxic, and the FDA considers eucalyptus essential oils to be safe and non-toxic (GRAS certified) and approved for inclusion in foodstuffs, and the European Commission has also approved the use of eucalyptus essential oil as a feed additive.

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