LACHANCE VlV Asia 2017, come back with victorious!



LACHANCE VlV Asia 2017, come back victorious


2017 VIV Asia exhibition ends at Bitec Bangkok Exhibition Center on March.17,2017. Many famous animal health and nutrition enterprises meet together from all over the world, and  worked for human food safety and animal benefits.


During this exhibition, two innovative feed additives bile acids(Runeon) and Eucommua plant extract (HPNSFEED) from Shandong Lachance are very attractive and commanded big attention of participants and experts from the feed and animal health industry, which broke new grand of worldwide livestock industry and have a strong impression to participants.


In three days, many new and old clients visited Shandong Lachance to discuss the efficiency of bile acids, share the effect and performance of bile acids, and showed their satisfaction and about the effect of bile acids on aquaculture and livestock. Moreover, based on the safety food issue all over the wold, the replacement of antibiotic by Eucommua plant extract (HPNSFEED) attracted more attention by many players from different countries and how to register is on the top of agenda. Shandong lachance wins the high affirmation of the livestock industry with dedicating in producing and selling on green safe and environment-friendly feed additives.


与英国客户商榷合作模式 England clients here )


与马来西亚客户代表会见( Clients from Malaysia )


与印度客户商榷合作模式 (Clients from India )


与越南客户代表会见( Clients from Vietnam )


与越南孔敬大学JAYAMA教授会见 ( Dr Jayama from Khon Kaen University of Thailand )



As one of the biggest professional manufacturer of feed additives , Lachance Group insist on natural feed additives , provide you one better solution on fatty acids nutrition. With 13 years development , RUNEON ( feed bile acids ) has been widely used in poultry / swine and aquatic feed , successfully help the clients lower feed cost which can be reached more than 1 billion RMB. Lachance is the unique lawful manufacturer of feed bile acids in China , which has been approved as New type feed additives by the Ministry Department of Agriculture , we own 6 patents on bile acids from the product flowchart to the extraction equipment.  Now , bile acids has been recognized as the necessary ingredients for fat digestion and absorption promoter,  and Runeon earned great reputation by the clients both in domestic and overseas.  Lachance group has successfully cooperate with the leader feed millers in China , like NEW HOPE GROUP , WELLHOPE GROUP , TONGWEI GROUP , HAIDA GROUP , DBN, COFCO etc, what’s more , Runeon also has been exported to Philippines, Malaysia , Syria, Pakistan, Ecuador ,Thailand , Vietnam and Belgium already. On 2009, we promote one natural plant extracts --HPNSFEED ,which can be used on replace part of antibiotics and enhance immunity , market revert from COFCO, Shandong Jinluo ,Heibei Sanrong , Shanxi Longhai and Shandong Chunxue group shows that adding HPNSFEED is one possible and effective solution for antibiotic-free farms .


Lachance develops fast and earned good reputation from more and more clients in recently years with the company philosophy --concentrate on green, safety and high efficiency feed additives and work for global feed nutrition and animal health . We have faith that Lachance group must can serve more and more feed millers with the unique product value on feed nutrition , food safety and animal welfare