LACHANCE landing in Eurotier Hannover!


登陆欧罗巴 亮剑汉诺威

LACHANCE landing in Eurotier Hannover

----龙昌动保参展2016 EURO TIER(德国汉诺威国际畜牧展)

秋意浓浓,20161115-18日两年一届的德国汉诺威畜牧展在风景如画的汉诺威展馆如期举行。作为全球畜牧行业的世界顶级盛会 ,EURO TIER汇集了来自全球各地饲料、饲料添加剂以及机械设备领域的众多客户和展商。

Deep autumn, November 15th-18th, 2016. Eurotier held as scheduled in Hannover, Germany. As the world's leading global livestock industry event, TIER EURO gathering together a large number of customers and exhibitors from all over the world, including feed, feed additives and machinery and equipment.



作为国内最专业的胆汁酸提取基地,随着欧洲市场的逐渐开展,龙昌动保也加入了EURO TIER 的大家庭, 虽是初识 ,但已如故。展会期间, 诸多欧洲知名企业像比利时NUTRIAD 、荷兰COPENS CARGILL INVIVO 、法国NUSCIENCE 、西班牙MOLIMEN 、加拿大Canapoultry 等来到龙昌动保展位,继NUTRIAD的订单之后,龙昌胆汁酸已的得到越来越多欧洲客户的认可和接受。

As the most professional domestic bile acid extraction base, with the gradual development of the European market, LACHANCE has also joined the EURO TIER family. Although it is the first time. But during the exhibition, many European famous companies like NUTRIAD, COPENS, CARGILL, INVIVO NUSCIENCE MOLIMEN, Canapoultry to LACHANCE booth, after NUTRIAD orders, LACHANCE bile acid has been more and more recognized and accepted by customers in europe.


2016 11月德国汉诺威国际畜牧展 EURO TIER 2016)展会外商洽谈(系列)

November, 2016 Germany Hannover international animal husbandry exhibition TIER EURO (2016) exhibition of foreign businessmen (Series)


山东龙昌动物保健品有限公司(Lachance Group ) 是国内唯一合法的胆汁酸生产制造商也是专业的绿色饲料添加剂提取基地。 12年来,龙昌动保坚持把研制绿色、安全、高效的添加剂,为全球饲料行业服务作为企业的使命和追求,坚持企业、产品、人三者的高度统一,龙昌动保已赢得国内外客户的信任以及市场销量的稳步提升。于今,龙昌胆汁酸已成为提高脂肪消化吸收的代表,每年为饲料企业节约成本上亿元。与此同时,随着大家对无抗和动物福利了解的不断深入, 作为替代抗生素的优选方案,杜仲叶提取物凭借它的独特优势已成为展会上的宠儿。

Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co. Ltd. (Lachance Group) is the only lawful bile acid production, and also the professional manufacturer of green feed additive extraction base. During12 years, "LACHANCE additives to produce green, safe and efficient, for the global feed industry service" as the enterprise mission and the pursuit of unity. Insist that products, enterprise and human as one element. LACHANCE has won the trust from all over the world, market sales volume steadily increasing. Today, the "LACHANCE bile acid" has become the representative of improve the digestion and absorption of fat, save feed cost 100 million yuan for each year. At the same time, with our understanding of the non - and animal welfare continues, as the preferred alternative to antibiotics, Eucommia leaves extract by virtue of the unique advantages of it has won the eyes of the show.


宝剑锋从磨砺出,梅花香自苦寒来。经过不断的努力和尝试,龙昌胆汁酸已成功进入欧洲市场,正式完成破冰之旅。 EURO TIER 不仅是开端,更是腾飞之地,我们真诚期待与每个客户建立持久的合作关系,立足于产品质量和优质的服务,为全球饲料业及动物营养与健康谋福祉。

April showers bring May flowers. After continuous efforts and attempts, LACHANCE bile acid has successfully entered the European market, the formal completion of ice breaking trip. EURO TIER is the beginning, we sincerely look forward to establishing long-term cooperation relationship with each customer, based on product quality and quality services for the global feed industry and animal nutrition and health and well-being.