RUNEON is an innovative feed additive


  • Description:
  • Functions:

    1. Pomote metamorphosis and shorten the molting timeand promote weight gain

     2. Replace 15-20% cholesterol, reduce feed cost.

    3. Protect the health of helpatopancreas and intestine, the survival rate could be improved by 5-8%.

    4. Improve survival rate and immunity for reducing the risk of some vital disease outbreak.

    5. Relieve nutritional white feces, especially white feces caused by liver damage.



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RUNOEN II 80% bile acids ) is a functional intestine promoter produced by Shandong Longchang Animal Health CO.,LTD . The main content is bile acids, which are produced in the liver and transformed from cholesterol. The major functions of bile acids are to assist the emulsification and utilization of fat and fat-soluble vitamins and protect the health of liver and intestine health. For shrimps, bile acids are the necessary nutrients to maintain the normal growth.


Product contents:  bile acids ≥80%; Excipient/vehicle:20% starch

Product characteristics:

1 With the national patent extraction technology, we are the unique legal manufacture in China, and high quality, safe 

2 Rich in deoxycholic acid hyodeoxycholic acids and chenodeoxycholic acids,  protect the health of liver and intestine

3 Cover the shortage of bile acids required during the growth and development of shrimps, as shrimp is incapable of secreting bile acids itself.



1.Protect shrimp successfully pass liver transition period, shrimp with clear membrane, translucent body and strong instestine.

2.Protect shrimp hepatopancreas, improve survival rate 10%, prevent white feces. Adding 7 days continuously, shrimp with health hepatopancreas and good vitality.

3.Promote shrimp growth and weight gain, especially 20days before harvest, improve economic benefit.

4. Emulsify fat, activate lipase, promote fat absorption and reduce bait coefficient.

Qualified and Certificate:

GMP, ISO, FSC, Production license and New Product Certificate


Experiment protocol:

Aim to study the effects of RUNEON on the growth and blood biochemical index of Litopenaeus vannamei.

Litopenaeus vannameis with Initial body weight1.04±0.02g were chosen, divide into 2 treatment groups (experiments group and control group), with 3 repeats respectively.

Both the treatment fed the same diet, the experiment adding 600 g RUNEON while the control group without RUNEON.

Malaysia Customer Experiment period : 76days


Effect of Runeon on shrimp growth performance and survival rate

Item Control Experiment
Average weight% 20.88 23.03
Yield(MT/Hac) 8.1 8.863
SR% No statistics (about 75-80) 77.97

 Conclusion: After 76 days of experiment, the average body weight of the bile acids group was 10.31% higher than that of the control group, the yield increase by 9.42% per hectare.



Species Dosage (g/ton feed)
Freshwater fish 500
Tilapia 500
Shrimp 3000-5000
Salmon 500
Seabass 500
Eel 500
Rainbow Trout 500
Other marine fish 500

1 kg/bag. 

  18 months 

Stored in shaded dry, cool place with good ventilation.