Bile Acids for Poultry

More profit by solving liver disease of laying hens


1. Long-term mycotoxin excess, mycotoxin poisoning caused liver


According to the relevant tests, the mycotoxin contamination of poultry

feed in China is serious, such as aflatoxin, zearalenone, vomiting toxin

and so on. Feeding feed contaminated by mycotoxin can cause long-

term diarrhea, rough feathers and decrease in production performance.

2. Mild cold, persistent infection of viral diseases and frequent diseases

of poultry, which cause fever and liver damage.

3. The abuse of drugs, excessive use of drugs in short-term, incorrect

use of drugs, resulting in drug poisoning. The liver is the largest

detoxification organ of the body, long-term high-load work causes liver


4. Protein overdose poisoning causes liver damage!

Some farms only pay attention to the high protein content of feed, but

neglect the problem that excess protein metabolism causes the

increased burden of kidney and liver. Fatty liver problem caused by

overweight is also the main cause of poultry death in summer.

5. Bacteriotoxemia caused by microbial infection, indiscriminate use of

vaccines, abuse and excessive use of vaccines resulting in liver and

kidney damage!

6. The farm and the surrounding harsh environment, especially the toxic

substances in drinking water harm the liver function.

The application of adding bile acid into the feed of laying hens can

prevent and cure the liver and gallbladder disease of laying hens, reduce

mortality rate, improve the laying rate and the egg quality, improving the


1. Bile acids is the main active ingredient of bile. It naturally promotes fat

emulsification, digestion, absorption and protection of liver and

gallbladder health.

2. Bile acids can improve the absorption and utilization of fat in feed,

reduce the accumulation of fat in liver and abdominal cavity, and

effectively prevent fatty liver in laying hens.

3. Bile acids can promote the secretion of a large number of thin bile,

which can help remove heavy metal ions, mycotoxins and other harmful

substances in the liver and intestine, so as to protect and detoxify the

liver and repair liver and gallbladder damage.

4. Bile acids can effectively improve the utilization rate of fat-soluble

vitamins and the quality of eggshells.