Piglets-Diarrhea rate

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  • Functions:

    1. Promote the digestion and absorption of fat , improve the utilization of fat and other nutrients;

    2. Efficient solution for trophic diarrhea,especially during weaning period , trophic diarrhea rate can be lowered by 5-10%.

    3. Improve the growth performance, daily weight gain rate can be improved by 8-15%, FCR can be improved by 5-10%. promote growth and increase feed intake.

    4. For sows, adding bile acids can improve the quality of nursing sow's milk, effective in the survival rate of piglets and birth weight.

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1. Improve piglets daily weight gain 8%-15%, improve FCR 5%-10%.

2. Reduce weaning piglets diarrhea rate of 5% -10%.

3. Improve weaning piglets anti-stress ability, including: weaning stress, immune stress, group stress and so on.

4. Improve the survival rate of piglets.

5. Improve the digestion and absorption of nutrition in the feed, promote feed intake, improve the growth of piglets.




1. Turn fat into chylomicron, more easier to absorbed by intestine, promote digestion and absorption rate of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

2. Active the activity of lipase.

3. To solve the problem of insufficient secretion of the endogenous emulsifier on weaning stress of piglets, to stimulate the development of internal organs; to dynamically improve the function of liver and gallbladder, to increase the health of the body.

4. Improve the body's anti stress ability, increase SOD, glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reductase activity, free radical scavenging, and ensure the health of the body.

5. Regulate gastrin, thyroxine secretion, increase feed intake and promote growth.



Bile acid: 30% Carrier: 70% starch


Product Characters:

Appearance: white or off white powder

Green, safe, efficient, sustainable and stable. Never add toxic, harmful and other prohibited ingredients. No residual or toxic side effects


  Control Experiment (add 300g Runeon)
Number of births 259 281
Total birth weight(kg) 388.3 425.85
Average birth weight(kg) 1.499 1.515
Number of weaning piglets 234 259
Total weight of weaning piglets(kg) 1302.21 1639.21
Average weight of weaning piglets(kg) 5.65 6.329




300-350 g/ton feed 

20 kg/bag. 

  18 months 

Stored in shaded dry, cool place with good ventilation.